8 Cores MPO LC OM3

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MPO  Harness (Fan out )Cable Assemblies allow for rapid deployment of multi-port patch field connectivity in high-density Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data Center LAN applications, ensuring efficient use of horizontal and vertical rack pathways through the use of small form factor cable. Built with modular MPO connectivity and LC connectivity, these assemblies provide compatibility, flexibility and system performance in high density LAN/SAN switch Equipment Distribution Area (EDA).



Customized breakout lengths and fan out sizes available

 Custom configurations available upon request



100% tested (test data supplied) - Assures verified optical performance for improved network integrity

 High-density cable - Uses pathway space more efficiently to improve manageability and reduce installation costs

Optimized Performance- Assemblies constructed with low loss MPO OECE proprietary MT polishing Provides low insertion loss and high return loss, minimizing variability for improved channel link loss performance


Standards Compliance:

 Jacketed cable is compliant with NFPA 262 Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum (OFNP) or IEC-60332 Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) flame rating

 Compliant to Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) and REACH SvHC

 MPO connector complies with IEC-61754-7 & EIA/TIA-604-5

 LC connector complies with IEC-61754-20




 Storage area networking fiber channel

 Parallel optics



Connector Performance Specifications:

Connector A

Connector Type

12 or 24-Fiber MPO



Housing Colour

MM (Beige), MM Elite (Aqua), SM (Green), SM Elite (Yellow)

Insertion Loss, Typical

≤ 0.10 dB

Insertion loss, max.

≤ 0.35 dB

Durability(500 Matings)

< 0.2dB

Connector B

Connector Type

2-Fiber LC Duplex Uniboot



Housing Colour

OM2 (Beige), OM3,OM4 (Aqua), SM (Green),

Insertion Loss, Typical

≤ 0.10 dB

Insertion loss, max.

≤ 0.35 dB

Durability(1000 Matings)

< 0.2dB

Fiber Cable Performance Specifications:

Fiber Count

12 Fiber,24Fiber

Outer diameter

12Fibr :3.1 ± 0.1mm ;24Fiber:3.8± 0.1mm

Outer jacket colour


Outer jacket material


Tensile strength

12 Fiber :250N ; 24Fiber:300N

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ +60°C

Storage Temperature

-40 ~ +70°C

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