Optical Fiber Attenuator

FC Adjustable Attenuator

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Attenuation :1 - 30dB
Size: Ф20.3 * 18.2mm
Material: Metal

Optical fiber attenuator as an optical passive devices use for optical communication system which the debugging and debugging performance of fiber optical power meter calibration correction, optical signal degradation. 


Optical fiber attenuator is compose  the metal of fiber to produced ,it can be adjusted to optical power on the required level.

The attenuation value can be made according to the customer requrement

Available of many plug type


The attenuation : value tolerance:

1-9dB  with  ±0.5dB 10-15dB  with  ±1dB


16-25dB  with  ±1.5dB30dB  with  ±2dB

Working wavelength :  1310nm/1550nm


Working condiction : -40℃ to +75℃


Maximum input power : 500MW


The adapter comply with the standard of NTT/Telcordia/IEC/TIA/EIA

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