Optic Fiber Attenuator

ST Male Attenuators

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Attenuation :1 - 30dB
Size: Ф9.5 *36mm
Material: Metal

1, The attenuation can be made according to customer's specific requirements
2, The attenuation and diverse, interface, complete the form
3, The attenuation tolerance: attenuation values 1-9dB, tolerance of ± 0.5dB; attenuation value of 10-15dB, tolerance ± 1dB
4, 1310,1550 nm wavelength attenuation 16-25dB, ± 1.5dB tolerance
5, The maximum input power of 500mW attenuation 30dB, ± 2dB tolerance
6, The working environment:-30 to +75
7, Products in line with NTT Telcordia ANSL IEC TIA / EIA and JIS requirements

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